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YOBO has helped us generate +30% more revenue and reduced our waiting time by 30 minutes. Our team can now focus on giving the best experience to our customers

Yongdaeri SCBD
4.7 / 5

Collecting customer data has been a challenge with our restaurant. with YOBO, we can capture up to 40% of our customer contacts. Now blasting new menu has been so much easier and targeted

Goobne PIK
4.8 / 5

Thanks to YOBO, Bakerman's busy hours are now a breeze. We capture double the order, cut queue time by 15 mins, and focus on serving delicious bakery & cafe items to happy customers

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Now you can get similar customers nearby your stores!

3 Common Mistakes

that business owners don't realise they are leaving on the table

Losing valuable customer data

business owners may struggle to capture and manage important customer data, including that of big spenders and VIPs

Missing out on engagement opportunities

Manually engaging with customers and sending generic promotions that don't resonate with your VIPs.

Failing to maximize sales and repeat LTV

High marketing costs and run promos without access to actionable customer data.

Unlock the Power of Your Ecosystem with YOBO

Get Access to Connect with Top Groups, Brands, and Malls to Access Big Spenders, Regulars, and VIPs

Increase revenue
Improved customer satisfaction
Streamlined operations
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Solutions designed with the EXPERTS

By having YOBO as your business partner, you will receive strategic solutions from the experts in F&B.


Steven Kim

CEO/Co-Founder of YOBO, Qraved


David Soong

Founder of Boga Group


Daryl Iswaratioso

Founder of Artisan Kuliner Group

How YOBO helps add value to your existing tools?

Customer Management

Know Your Customers Including Spend

Build a streamlined ecosystem between other channels

Streamlined payment and customer contact collection

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Targeted Messages

Weekly personalized promotions update on Whatsapp

Automated Whatsapp message triggered based on transaction

Targeted messages to top spenders

VIP Rewards

Personalised Promotion to resell & upsell VIPs

Earn & Burn Strategy Management

Screen Shot 2023-03-15 at 12.29.32.png
shopper & message.png

Cross Selling Management

Cross Sell Other Brands in the Group

Promotion Strategy based on time, location, and behavior

Sponsorship opportunities

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QR Ordering with no app needed

All-in one payment solutions

Web-based waiting list platform

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