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Build Your Own No-App
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Easily Collect Customer Data and Send Them Rewards to Drive Frequent Visits and Spend

+10xCustomers Spend
+300%Contact Capture Rate
+50%Average Spend

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Prevent from Sales Dropping in 6-12 Months

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Low Cost and High ROI: How We Do It

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Get More Customers Nearby Frequently!

Double the customers to your door by finding people who like what you offer.

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Send Targeted Messages

Reaching only the right people for your business can save you up to 60% in costs.

Give VIP Rewards

Make your loyal customers feel special with a personalized reward plan. No app needed, only using WhatsApp number!

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How YOBO Increases Your Profit

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The Better EDC Device, More Than Just Payments!

Allows you to process various payments in one device, and what's more?

Customer Contact Collection to Upgrade Database

WhatsApp Messaging & Engagement

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Do you have other brands in the group?
Now you can easily Cross Sell!

Location Based Targeted Message

Track customer behavior and never miss every single opportunity.

Cross Sell Other Brands Inside or Outside Your Group instantly via WhatsApp

Personalized Promotion to Resell & Upsell VIPs

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Ecosystem Builder

Get access to connect with top groups, brands, and malls. Capture more big spenders and even new ones!

Increase in Revenue

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Streamlined Operations

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Trusted by over 100 outlets+

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5 / 5

YOBO has helped us generate +30% more revenue and reduced our waiting time by 30 minutes. Our team can now focus on giving the best experience to our customers

Yongdaeri SCBD
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4.7 / 5

Collecting customer data has been a challenge with our restaurant. with YOBO, we can capture up to 40% of our customer contacts. Now blasting new menu has been so much easier and targeted

Goobne PIK
4.8 / 5

Thanks to YOBO, Bakerman's busy hours are now a breeze. We capture double the order, cut queue time by 15 mins, and focus on serving delicious bakery & cafe items to happy customers


Solutions designed with the EXPERTS

By having YOBO as your business partner, you will receive strategic solutions from the experts in F&B.


Steven Kim

CEO/Co-Founder of YOBO, Qraved


David Soong

Founder of Boga Group


Daryl Iswaratioso

Founder of Artisan Kuliner Group

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